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Xocolatl para Yolotl

Xocolatl para Yolotl

The origin of the word "chocolate" dates back to the times of the Aztec Empire.   Cacao was one of the most prized commodities, and the beans were used as currency as well as for food.   The word "xocolotl" translates to "bitter water", and the Aztecs used to grind the cacao beans together with water, chiles, spices and honey.  The drink was prized for its energizing powers, and was used in rituals.   This recipe was created in the spirit of the original flavour of the drinking chocolate of the Aztecs.   The word "yolotl" is the Aztec word for "heart"....which can also mean love, or a loved one  xoxo
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Complexity: easy
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