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Sassy Sprouts and Marvellous Microgreens –

Learn the basics of growing your own simple sprouts and microgreens!

Joyful Juicing –

Learn about the importance of cleansing and how to make your own fresh juices. Also discussed are the differences between juices and smoothies, and the benefits of both. Different methods for juicing are shown.

Skookum Salads –

Learn how to make your own beautiful, edible works of art….salads in a jar last up to 5 days in the fridge, making them a perfect grab and go option for lunches on busy weeks.

Raw Food Basics –

Tips and recipes to help you succeed on a raw food diet, or just incorporate raw foods easily into your busy life.

Elixir Crafting –

Sweet, warm and creamy drinks packed with superfoods and nourishing nutrition. Adult hot chocolate….different recipes and methods will be shown, including a delicious and creamy coffee substitute.

Creating with Raw Chocolate –

How to use cacao in different recipes, including a basic chocolate recipe, a warm chocolate drink and a yummy dessert or two.

Fabulous Ferments –

A basic beginner level introduction to home fermenting, including how to do a simple cabbage kraut, ginger carrots, kombucha, coconut yogurt and rejuvelac.

Spring Cleanse –

Simple recipes to guide you through a week long cleanse of simple, fat free foods. Designed for cleansing and weight loss.

Green Clean –

This workshop shows you how to make your own earth friendly, non toxic cleaning products to help beautify your home in a healthy way.

Power Up –

A workshop showing a few different simple recipes to make your own energy balls and bars…perfect to keep on hand for busy days.

Eat Your Way to Beautiful –

A workshop introducing you to foods that are shown to enhance and promote natural beauty.
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