The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

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What are the benefits of doing a juice cleanse?    I have been asked this question many times, and after trying many different cleanses myself I have found the best results using a low glycemic green juice as the foundation.

Why cleanse?   If your body isn't clean on the inside, nutrients don't absorb properly because your digestion system isn't able to do its work properly.  The first step toward optimum health is cleansing.  The most natural way to detoxify and heal the body is through juice cleanses.  Juicing allows your digestive system to take a rest, but your body is still receiving the vital nutrients it needs to THRIVE!  

95% of the vitamins and enzymes utilized by the body are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables.  By drinking the juice the vitamins, minerals and enzymes enter the bloodstream rapidly in a concentrated form, allowing all of the nutritional benefits to be absorbed while giving your digestive system a break.  Research on fruit and vegetable juices found that green leafy vegetables in particular were linked to improved cholesterol levels, and they aid the cleansing process of the blood, liver, digestive tract and kidneys.  Green juice provides support to all major organs of the body, and are rich in valuable minerals.

The Standard American Diet is one which promotes acidity in the body...processed, cooked, animal based foods all leave acidic ash in our bodies.  Signs of an acidic body are fatigue, depression, agression, irritability, aches and cravings for stimulants such as coffee.  Green juices are an easy way to promote alkalinity, and bring our bodies back into a balanced PH level.   

When doing a juice cleanse, no energy is used by the body for all goes to ridding the body of built up wastes and toxins.   

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