Sprouting Up!

Do you love eating sprouts but don't love paying grocery store prices for them?  Basic sprouting is super easy to do with minimal equipment!  Here's how.....

Sprouting is a simple, cost effective way to include a highly nutrient dense food in your diet.  Very high in nutritional value, sprouts can be very simple to grow using very little water and space.  There are many different methods and types of equipment on the market and it can be fun to experiment, but all you need to get started is a simple mason jar, some seeds and a screen that fits on the top of the mason jar.    

The first step is to place 2 or 3 tablespoons of sprouting seeds in your jar, depending on seed variety.   You will need more if you are using larger legumes such as peas, and less if you are using tiny seeds such as alfalfa.  Cover the seeds with water, swirl the jar around to rinse the seeds and pour the water out.   Add more water to cover the seeds, put the sprouting screen on the jar and let them soak for 3 to 12 hours, depending again on seed variety.   Broccoli seeds require a very short soak time, whereas larger legumes require a longer one.  Most seeds are fine with an overnight soak.  In the morning, swirl the seeds gently and drain the water out.  Rinse the seeds gently with clean water, and once again pour out the water.  Place your jar at approximately a 45 degree angle in a bowl to allow your seeds to continue draining.....and repeat the process again at bed time!   Continue to rinse and drain your seeds twice a day for about three days, depending on seed variety.   Most seeds will be ready to consume in only a few days.....enjoy the rewards of growing your own FRESH sprouts!! 

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