Mmmm, green juice!

Are you wanting to incorporate more greens in your life because you've heard of their amazing health benefits?  Green juices are a great way to incorporate a high volume of greens and vegetables into your vitamins and minerals in a liquid form that your body will easily assimilate and utilize!  




95% of the vitamins and enzymes utilized by the body are found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables.   By drinking the juice, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes enter the bloodstream rapidly in a concentrated form, allowing all of the nutritional benefits to be absorbed while giving your digestive system a break.  Growing bodies of research suggest that most vitamin supplements don't help prevent chronic disease....a synthetic vitamin or mineral is a laboratory simulation of the real thing, even if it is a high quality simulation.  

Research on fruit and vegetable juices found that green leafy vegetables in particular were linked to less risk of developing diabetes.   Studies have also shown that green juice also helps improve cholesterol levels.  Green juices are an easy way to promote alkalinity and balance the body's PH.....they cleanse the blood, liver, kidneys and digestive tract while supporting all major organs of the body.   Please be aware that fruit juices are high in sugar and should be consumed in moderation.....the bulk of your juice should come from low glycemic veggies such as cucumber and leafy greens.  A small amount of apple is a good choice to add sweetness without adding too much sugar.

With green juices you are able to consume a high volume of greens that you may not normally include in your diet but have AMAZING health benefits such as dandelion, collards and kale.  A green juice a day is all it takes to notice amazing health benefits such as more energy and clearer skin.  What are you waiting for......go dust off that juicer and get JUICY!!!!!!   XOXO

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